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Peru Family-to-Family Support


Provide monthly food support, shelters, clothing, and other needs to a family in the parish of Santisimo Sacramento in Piura Peru. This is a very poor parish of 40,000 (yes, that’s no typo) with unemployment near 50%.

How can you help?

·         Family-to-Family (F2F) Program – “Feed the hungry” by sponsoring a needy family in Piura  with monthly food deliveries for $25/month, which can be paid quarterly or annually. A one year commitment totals $300.

·         Mission Trip to Peru – Join St. Patrick’s missionaries on their annual 10-day journey to Piura Peru. Besides meeting with some of the “adopted” families (hopefully yours), you can assist the Santisimo Sacramento parish staff in performing many ministries. We “shelter the homeless” by building bamboo shelters with a tin roof (dirt floors), 8 – 10 in one week, for the poorest of the poor; many of whom live in sparse bamboo/cardboard shacks, if they have one at all. Watch the bulletin for scheduled planning meetings.

Some of the other ministries our missionaries perform include:

·         Deliver clothing, medical supplies, and school supplies

·         Soup Kitchen

·         Bible school

·         Administer communion to the sick, elderly, and shut-ins

·         Visit orphans, senior center, domestic abuse victims, hospice unit, substance abuse home, and prisoners.

Leaders to contact:

Ginni Kerpan                                   Fran Balistreri                     Stan/Valeria Crevier

847-623-3312                                   847-336-4332                       847-204-8707 & 847-204-8721               

Website – To learn more about Piura and how to become a sponsor, visit: