St. Patrick Ministry Information Form


The parish has made a major commitment to stewardship - sharing of time & talent.  We have formed a stewardship team of fifteen parish members who will work at engaging more of our parishioners in participation in our 107 parish ministries and organizations.  The way we will do this is varied but our initial work is updating the list of ministries-organizations  and then making that updated information available via a new directory, web site, new parishioner packet, etc.

Right now we need information about your ministry.  Please complete the form below - it will serve as a starting point to help get more information to all the members of our parish.  The information you submit here will be posted to our web site - don't enter any information that you don't want on the web! 


If you would like to submit more detailed information, or if you have any specific questions regarding the web site,  please send it in an email to


The information to be put on the web site is for general use - a tool of knowledge and a "service portal" for our parishioners.   We can post a "rough" schedule of meeting times, like "every other Wednesday at 8:00pm", but not specific (timely) events that require constant updating.



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