St. Pat's Ministry of Care


Leader/Facilitator: (not available at this time - contact the rectory for more information)



The faithful who are ill are deprived of their rightful and accustomed place in the Eucharistic community. In bringing Communion to them, the Minister of Care manifests faith and charity on behalf of the whole community toward those who cannot be present in person at the Celebration of the Mass.

Who can help?

Gifts that are helpful in lay ministers in becoming effective Ministers of Care include good listening/communication skills; patience, and a comfort level in the presence of, and praying with, those who are aged, ill and/or approaching end of life.

When and Where?

Ministry of Care is a mandated ministry in the Archdiocese of Chicago, which requires an initial time commitment to complete the required 12 hours of Archdiocesan training (two consecutive Saturdays - 6 hours each day); training is offered in the Spring & Fall of each year. After the Minister of Care is mandated and assigned to a homebound parishioner, the time commitment is to bring Communion to the homebound on a weekly basis, 52 weeks/year (temporary substitutes are available).